Port Chester, NY

Port Chester, New York, is an eclectic and diverse village community in Westchester County within the Town of Rye, offering easy access via Metro-North railroad to New York City, less than 45 minutes away. The area offers a range of opportunities for purchasers of fine property, often at more affordable prices than surrounding areas. These include cooperative and condominium apartments, residences of architectural distinction such as historic Colonial and Tudor-style homes, and wood-frame and single-family homes on tree-lined streets. For families who live here, the area offers numerous private schools as well as the oldest public school system in Westchester County, dating back to 1884.

Port Chester’s Restaurant Row has become highly renowned in the region. Offering cuisine from a variety of different cultures with Brazilian, Peruvian, Colombian and Italian options among others, these top-rated fine dining establishments are frequented by many food lovers in the area. The Waterfront at Port Chester is a Byram River-front retail center featuring a number of shopping destinations as well as a multiplex movie theatre. Alongside Port Chester’s bodegas and boutique shops, several historic buildings still stand. The 1920s Capitol Theater is available for events such as bar and bat mitzvahs and birthday celebrations, while the 1894 Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church remains an active parish.

During the 18th century, the village was known for its strong harbor, serving as a shipping center for country farm produce, as well as its thriving shipbuilding industry. With its status as the eastern port of Westchester, often functioning as a significant stop for steamboats, the area assumed the name Port Chester in 1837, and was later incorporated in 1868. Industry in Port Chester eventually shifted from agriculture and shipping to manufacturing as major railroads were constructed, and the area became one of the region’s most important factory towns, with several prominent corporations establishing their headquarters here. In the latter 20th century the focus of industry changed again, moving to retail and restaurants, and today Port Chester is a charming community with much to offer.